Considering the economy, what changes are you making in your holiday plans?
Asked in the lobby of the Gallery condominium at 2795 Peachtree Road.

“I am going to talk to my family and friends about cutting back on the presents because we really don’t need a whole lot. I would rather they spend their money wisely and maybe go out to dinner as opposed to buying something I don’t need. But, for things that I need, I am taking advantage of the sales. I bought a top coat that I did not have for 60 percent off yesterday.”
Bill Bush

“The biggest change is through my husband’s Christmas party. We always have a very elegant black-tie affair. This year they have decided to take all of that money and donate it to charity and then just have a little office luncheon for the staff. The other is, we probably are not buying as many Christmas presents.”
Jan Eldridge

“We are pulling one name from the hat this year. We are not buying for everybody. We are cutting back.”
Jennifer Walden

“I am going to try to be more careful this year than I have been. I am not going to go out to eat probably as much and cut back on the amount of money I spend on gifts. But I usually don’t travel during the holidays, so that will not be a change.”
Tracie Roth