By Gerhard Schneibel

Sandy Springs’ initial plans to build a dog park on Morgan Falls Road have changed after city workers cleared out acres of bamboo and wisteria and uncovered what City Council members describe as a property with a beautiful view.

Of the 27-acre parcel overlooking Bull Sluice Lake, 10 to 15 acres likely will be turned into a park with a pavilion, a fire pit, a lawn, a playground and boat houses for kayaks.

To start the project, council members decided during a Dec. 9 work session to reappropriate $1.7 million originally earmarked for a boat dock and improvements to a 3-acre site the city leases from Georgia Power underneath Morgan Falls Dam.

A temporary dog park will be put on the site below the dam within 45 days, City Manager John McDonough said.

More money will be appropriated for work on the 27-acre park in fiscal 2010, he said.

Mayor Eva Galambos said she would like to see an elegant park with a boardwalk.

Dist. 6 Councilwoman Karen Meinzen McEnerny said: “I do think we need to have a Plan B about where we’re going to put the dogs. We need to go back to the people we told we’re going to put a dog park in and give them an alternative.”

During the same work session, council members lifted restrictions on commercial banners until Jan. 1 to help businesses struggling with sales this holiday season.