The first principal of Sandy Springs’ next public school will be Sara Glynn, who is now the principal of Randolph Elementary School in southern Fulton County.

Fulton Superintendent Cindy Loe selected Glynn to lead the school being built at Ison and Roswell roads, and the Board of Education unanimously approved the choice without public discussion Dec. 18.

“Sara Glynn brings energy, enthusiasm and a strong educational background to her new position,” Loe said in a statement. “She has served Randolph Elementary well, and her leadership will guide the new school as it prepares to open next school year.”

Glynn became principal at Randolph Elementary at the start of 2007-08 school year after serving as assistant principal there.

As the first principal at Ison Road, she will have a role in supervising the construction and making decisions on finishing touches in the project. She also will convene a citizen committee to choose three possible names for the school; the Board of Education then will pick the name.

Contractors have carried out the blasting on the school site, and actual construction should begin early in the new year to get the school ready for students in August.

Half a dozen Woodland Charter Elementary School parents whose children are slated to attend the Ison Road school next year attended a community meeting with Board of Education President Julia Bernath on Dec. 12. They sought reassurances that the project is on schedule and raised questions about contingencies in case the school isn’t ready when classes begin.

Bernath said the project was on schedule. She did not know what the school system plans if the school isn’t on time. The possibilities raised by the parents included opening the school in trailers; keeping children in their current schools until Ison Road is ready; and forming classes of children bound for the new school in their current schools, then moving those classes intact into the new school.