The following information was provided to the Reporter by the Zone 2 precinct of the Atlanta Police Department from its records and is presumed to be accurate.

Aggravated assault

3300 block of Peachtree Road, 30326 – A man reported Dec. 5 he was attacked in a parking lot while trying to stop a trespasser. He was cut on the chest with a box cutter.

2400 block of Piedmont Road, 30324 – A man reported Dec. 5 he was walking when a man driving by yelled at him and tried to run him over. The victim was not hit, ran home and called police.

Northside Drive and 17th Street, 30309 – A man reported Dec. 1 he was in his car at a red light when a woman waved a handgun at him. She seemed irritated that they didn’t make it through the light. The victim followed the woman to Northyards Boulevard, where she was arrested and the handgun was recovered.

Auto theft

2200 block of Mount Paran Road, 30327 – A man reported Dec. 1 he witnessed a gold 2000 Ford sports-utility vehicle being stolen from a parking lot.

3300 block of Peachtree Road, 30326 – A man reported Dec. 2 his cream 1992 Lexus ES 400 was stolen from a parking lot where it had been parked for about four hours.

3300 block of Peachtree Road, 30326 – A woman reported Dec. 1 her black 2007 Dodge Charger was stolen from Lenox Mall. It was recovered unoccupied after fleeing DeKalb County police.

3200 block of Roswell Road, 30305 – A man reported Nov. 30 his red 2005 Honda CRV was stolen from his apartment parking deck while he was out of town.

300 block of Eureka Drive, 30305 – A woman’s blue 1995 Honda Accord was stolen from her residence Dec. 5.

700 block of Martina Drive, 30305 – A white 1997 Acura Integra was stolen from a residence Dec. 3.

2300 block of Peachtree Road, 30309 – An officer responded to an auto theft in progress Dec. 5 and arrived to find a parking attendant holding the thief at gunpoint. The thief was arrested, and various tools commonly used for breaking into cars were found on him.

1500 block of Howell Mill Road, 30318 – Enterprise Rent-A-Car reported Dec. 4 a 2008 Dodge was rented and never returned.

Commercial burglary

4400 block of Roswell Road, 30342 – An employee of Learning Express reported Dec. 4 the door to the business was damaged and $400 in cash was stolen.

2500 block of Piedmont Road, 30324 – Two men broke the front window of Optique Atlanta on Nov. 30, smashed the Prada display cases, and stole several Prada sunglasses and frames valued at $8,000. A security guard said he heard the window break and called 911 but was unable to give a description of the burglars.

Irby Avenue, 30305 – A window at the entrance of Northside Tool Rental was damaged Dec. 4, and a cash drawer containing $400 was stolen.

3200 block of Roswell Road, 30305 – The door of the Taco Stand was damaged Dec. 1, and televisions were reported stolen.

2700 block of Howell Mill Road, 30327 – An employee of Morris Brandon Elementary reported Dec. 2 a Hobart food chopper and a mixer were stolen.

Commercial robbery

2500 block of Bolton Road, 30318 – An employee of Family Dollar reported Dec. 5 two robbers came into the store and demanded all the money in the register, about $60. There were no injuries in the incident.

1700 block of Northside Drive, 30318 – Two employees of Waffle House reported Dec. 1 a man wearing a light-colored baseball cap and a dark hooded jacket ordered a cup of coffee and disputed the change he was given. He produced a black handgun and left, possibly in a white van.

Pedestrian robbery

2800 block of Pharr Court South, 30305 – A man reported Dec. 4 he was walking toward his car in a parking lot when a gunman approached him from behind. The robber demanded the victim give up his possessions and fired one shot before dragging the victim away from the front of the building. A second robber approached the scene, and the two stole the victim’s car keys, money, two watches and jewelry before attempting to bind his wrists with black zip ties and put him in the trunk of his car. The victim resisted being put in the trunk, and one of the robbers attempted to leave in his car shortly before police arrived on the scene and arrested both robbers. The victim sustained only minor injuries.

2400 block of Morosgo Way, 30324 – A man reported Dec. 1 he was sitting in his 1993 Mercedes 300 when two men and a woman approached the vehicle, and one of the robbers pointed a silver large-caliber automatic handgun at him and demanded he get out of the car. The victim exited the vehicle, and the robbers got in and fled.

Residential robbery

2900 block of Noble Cree Drive, 30327 – A man reported Dec. 1 two men kicked in the front door of his home and entered with guns drawn. They held a gun to his head and robbed him of $300 in cash, headphones, two laptops, a 46-inch flat-screen television and a PlayStation 3 system. At one point the victim ran out of the house, and one of the robbers chased him. A third robber was waiting by the open trunk of an orange vehicle, and they took him back into the house, where they forced him to the floor and beat him before fleeing. Police recovered fingerprints from the headphones, which they found outside.

Residential burglary

3500 block of Piedmont Road, 30305 – A woman reported Dec. 1 her apartment was burglarized while the apartment complex management was changing her lock.

2300 block of Hurst Road, 30305 – A woman reported Dec. 1 she arrived home to find the lights on and her home ransacked. A Macintosh laptop computer, Macintosh minicomputer, iPod, Dell laptop, 60-inch Samsung television and miscellaneous jewelry were stolen. Police found no signs of forced entry.

700 block of Bellemeade Avenue, 30318 – A door was kicked in Dec. 1, and a television was stolen.

700 block of Bellemeade Avenue, 30318 – A condo door was kicked in Dec. 2, but nothing was taken.

1900 block of Claremont Street, 30318 – A man reported Dec. 2 he arrived home to find the lock to his front door had been damaged. A 40-inch Samsung television and a 26-inch Element television were taken.

1300 block of Hanover West Drive, 30327 – A victim reported Nov. 30 the French doors to his home were kicked in, and his 42-inch plasma television was stolen.

700 block of Holmes Street, 30318 – A man reported Dec. 6 he returned to his residence and found the door to his basement and the door leading from the basement into the house had been kicked in. His silver 2008 Acura RDX was stolen using a spare key, along with a 50-inch flat-screen television, an Apple iPod and a Dell laptop computer.

2400 block of Brantley Street, 30318 – An officer responded to an alarm call at a residence Nov. 30 and discovered a break-in. A 36-inch flat-screen television and a pearl necklace were taken.

2200 block of Dunseath Avenue, 30318 – Two victims reported Dec. 2 they allowed a man to stay in their rented house, and when they returned home, they found one of the bedroom doors had been pried open and items had been stolen, including a Nikon digital camera, an Audiovox DVD player, a Samsung cellphone, an MP3 player, a jar of coins and a MasterCard.

1300 block of Dupont Commons Circle, 30318 – An employee of Brock Built homes reported Dec. 3 he entered an unfinished home to find a General Electric gas cook top and dishwasher removed. Water from the unhooked dishwasher had seeped through the floor, damaging the house.

Other larceny

3500 block of Paces Valley Road, 30327 – A man reported Dec. 1 that $140 worth of Christmas decorations were stolen from his family’s front yard.

1200 block of West Paces Ferry Road, 30327 – A woman reported Dec. 1 she placed her keys and jewelry on the counter of a restaurant, and they were stolen.

100 block of Laurel Drive, 30342 – A real estate agent reported Dec. 2 he went by a vacant house on the market and discovered items were missing.

3400 block of Peachtree Road, 30326 – Loss-prevention employees of Saks Fifth Avenue reported Nov. 30 a man attempted to steal $280 worth of merchandise.

3500 block of Peachtree Road, 30326 – A victim reported Dec. 4 a Chanel Purse, keys, $600 in cash, two Visa cards and two gift cards were stolen from her while she was at Phipps Plaza.

3400 block of Stratford Road, 30326 – A victim reported Dec. 3 three bicycles that were chained up in the parking garage of an apartment complex were stolen.

1000 block of Lenox Park Boulevard, 30319 – A victim reported Dec. 2 two watches valued at $500 were stolen from her apartment. There were no signs of forced entry, but she told police she did not suspect anybody who had recently been in the apartment.

3500 block of Peachtree Road, 30326 – A shoplifter at Publix attempted to conceal $9 worth of beer in a bag.

3300 block of Peachtree Road, 30326 – A victim learned Dec. 1 his Macy’s card was used several times without his approval. The total amount charged to the card was $1,281.92.

3300 block of Peachtree Road, 30326 – Two juvenile shoplifters were arrested at Bloomingdale’s Dec. 2 after attempting to steal more than $400 worth of merchandise.

Larceny from auto

600 block of Green Street, 30318 – Samples Institutional Foods reported Dec. 4 the doors to two work vans were damaged and consumable goods were stolen.

6100 block of Chastain Road, 30342 – The window to a blue 2005 Chevrolet Tahoe was damaged Nov. 30, and electronics were stolen from the vehicle.

300 block of Ivy Knoll, 30342 – Football tickets were reported stolen from a GMC Yukon on Dec. 1.