To the editor:

As good a public servant as Eva Galambos has been, she does not understand the value of recycling programs. This is a bit puzzling as she was a young girl during the Great Depression and World War II. Growing up, she must have seen how important conservation and recycling programs were. As an intelligent adult, you’d think she would understand that as great as our country is, we needlessly consume, discard and waste enormous resources.

On environmental matters, our mayor displays woeful ignorance. In a recent e-mail exchange I had with her, she doubted that human activity was responsible for global climate disruption. I suppose then it should come as no surprise that she views the Sandy Springs recycling program from a strictly monetary perspective. However, the primary purpose of recycling programs is not to make money; it is for the sake of future generations and our planet.

I hope our City Council will ensure that Sandy Springs does not fail to be good environmental stewards.

Don McAdam