Hello, Brookhaven! I am happy, and feel fortunate, to have the opportunity to be involved in your community beginning with this issue of the Brookhaven Reporter.

I am no Barack Obama. I am not likely to elicit the excitement through my commentary pieces as he does with his speeches. But, nonetheless, I will from time to time fill some of the space on this page with my observations and opinions about issues or life in general in Brookhaven. We welcome your thoughts on this commentary page as well.

But even more frequently, I will be writing or directing news and feature stories about what makes Brookhaven tick — every two weeks, come rain or shine.

The Brookhaven Reporter is a true local-community newspaper. We don’t cover national or statewide news, and we don’t run syndicated features that are meaningless to our readers.

We don’t cover school sports, because we feel our frequency of publishing makes those game stories way out of date, when the people who care about those games already know all of the details.

We are not a neighborhood newsletter or a piece printed at Kinko’s that focuses on ads instead of local news.

So what is the Brookhaven Reporter?

If you turn through the pages of this inaugural edition, you will get a pretty good idea of what we are. These are the stories you will find in this edition of the Brookhaven Reporter:

• St. Martin’s Episcopal School plans a new building.

• Town/Brookhaven aims to open this summer.

• The Capital City Club braces for penalties resulting from environmental violations.

• Area hospitals suffer financially as the economy causes a decline in elective treatments.

• We were there for the quarterly meeting of the Drew Valley neighborhood and the annual meeting of the Ashford Alliance Community Association.

• We polled the Georgia legislators who represent our coverage areas, including Brookhaven, about the major issues before the General Assembly.

• We update the steps Oglethorpe University is taking to keep its accreditation.

We also look at the human side of the news:

• The DPR Foundation’s gift of $40,000 to the Brookhaven Boys & Girls Club.

• A local writer who creates an updated picture of Buckhead’s history.

• A men’s garden club that cultivates a passion for horticulture.

• A Brookhaven art teacher who wins a contest by evoking Atlanta’s past.

Plus, there’s the Police Blotter, a report of recent crimes in Brookhaven and a reader favorite in all of our newspapers.

The Brookhaven Reporter is a locally oriented community newspaper. What you see in this edition is much like what you will get in each edition, every two weeks.

But, in order for us to best serve Brookhaven, we need your help. Send us your story ideas, your news tips, warm and fuzzy features, school news and, yes, your calendar items. Call or email us with your thoughts and let us know how we are doing.