Officer MA Vizcarrondo is January’s Officer of the Month for the DeKalb Police Department’s North Precinct, which includes Brookhaven.

Vizcarrondo’s primary patrol duties are in Brookhaven and the Buford Highway corridor. He also is a field training officer, meaning he trains recruits from the police academy.

In announcing the award, the precinct leadership praised him for staying on top of crime trends on his beat and across the precinct and for approaching his patrol and training duties “with the same aplomb.”

“His paperwork is accurate and shows a clear relationship between the incident and the action taken,” the announcement reads. “He maintains a positive relationship with his peers and enjoys the unconditional respect of his supervisors. Officer Vizcarrondo is highly respected in the communities of the North Precinct. He is well known and is often called upon by communities to help in solving their issues.”

The department cited a recent arrest as typical of his daily performance in working with fellow officers and the community.

The investigation of a fatal hit-and-run accident from December was stymied, so the detectives attended C Team roll call Jan. 29 to notify officers to be on the lookout for a suspect. Vizcarrondo recognized the woman as an employee where he has a part-time job.

He set up surveillance on the vehicle involved, but to no avail. He then talked to several people who know the woman and her boyfriend and asked for their assistance.

On Jan. 30, the woman called Vizcarrondo on his cellphone and offered to turn herself in to him, so he went to work early, got the assistance of another officer and made the arrest.

“This cleared what purported to be an unsolvable fatality,” the precinct announcement adds.