To the editor:

As a neighbor and patron of both the Brookhaven Library and Brookhaven Park, I read this article (“Final chapter unwritten in dispute over library site,” Feb. 6-19) with interest.

Ronnie Mayer’s proposal of moving the library to Brookhaven Park is an exceptionally poor idea. He proposes moving the library, the county tag office and the Goodwin House to the park and adding a coffee shop for good measure. This would increase traffic exponentially and would certainly require removal of the athletic fields, basketball court or nature trails to fit all this development into the existing 9 acres. Who would feel safe walking with their children and dogs while having to dodge a steady stream of automobiles?

Mr. Mayer also asserts that this will somehow benefit the county by adding green space; this, of course, assumes that your definition of green space is a coffee shop.

Relocation of the library to the MARTA station is a far superior solution. It would provide patrons adequate parking or allow them to ride the train directly to the library, and it would have the incalculable benefit of preserving one of DeKalb County’s most beautiful parks.

Katie Oehler