By John Scahffner

LandAir Surveying is conducting field studies along both sides of Hammond Drive between Glenridge/Johnson Ferry and Roswell roads as the initial stage of developing a concept design for the widening of the road.

Jon Drysdale, Sandy Springs’ deputy director of public works, said the field studies will be completed, and several concept options have been requested for presentation to the public at a meeting planned for April 16 at City Hall.

He said the public will be notified of the meeting well in advance, and he anticipates more than 100 residents will attend.

The city contracted with Gresham Smith & Partners to provide the professional services for the capital improvement project, and that company in turn is using LandAir Surveying for the field surveys.

“We are entering into this project with no preconceived concept for the widening of Hammond Drive,” Drysdale said. “We are asking them to look at several options.”

He said 10 years ago Fulton County looked at widening this section of Hammond Drive, “but they were just in the concept stage” even when the city of Sandy Springs was formed. Drysdale said the city has access to the work Fulton County did, “but it is not applicable or usable at this time. We are starting from scratch.”

In early February, residents and property owners along the stretch of Hammond Drive from Glenridge to Roswell received letters informing them of the pending field survey work and were told survey personnel might need to enter their properties adjacent to the Hammond Drive corridor.

Drysdale said the survey team will be working only along the two sides of Hammond Drive and will not be surveying in the adjacent neighborhoods.

Residents were told that stakes might be driven into the ground on private properties and some small trees and undergrowth along the right of way might need to be cleared to allow the work. Specimen trees along the project corridor may be indentified and marked with white ribbons, but “the markings do not imply whether they will be cut down or saved.”

This is one phase of a city transportation improvement program that will result in a better flow of east-west traffic along Hammond Drive all the way from Ashford-Dunwoody Road to Mount Vernon Highway.