The Sandy Springs Council of Neighborhoods re-elected its officers March 25 before hearing from Mayor Eva Galambos on the balance between business development and the protection of neighborhoods.

Roswell Road is poised to be the next stretch of development moving north from Buckhead after the recession, Galambos said.

She said there should be no “battle between business and residential” because the services required by neighborhoods are funded through a healthy business community.

The mayor said the city faces a challenge because 44 percent of its residents are renters.

“A community that tilts too far towards rentals doesn’t have the cohesion and the sense of community involvement,” she said.

Council of Neighborhoods President Larry Young said he expects more conflicts between neighborhoods and schools and other nonprofits over the comprehensive plan.

“The cheapest land is in the neighborhoods. The prettiest land is in the neighborhoods,” he said. “I hope the City Council is not sending the message to the development community that all they need to do is threaten with a suit and they’ll get their way.”

— Gerhard Schneibel