The public transit portion of the top end of Revive 285 likely will be a bus rapid transit, and representatives from the Georgia Regional Transportation Authority (GRTA) recently displayed tentative plans for a route connecting Cumberland Mall in Cobb County and Motors Industrial Way in DeKalb County.

The route includes 17 proposed stations.

The decision on what stations to establish will likely be made this year, and a light-rail option is still on the table, said William Mecke, the communications director for GRTA.

“Obviously, cost goes into it — cost, environmental impact, the preferences of the communities, what would operate best,” he said. No date has been set for the operational start of the system “because of the funding challenges that we have right now.”

A meeting March 26 at Sandy Springs’ Dorothy Benson Senior Center heard objections to stations on Hammond and Carpenter drives.

Mark Sampl of the Sandy Springs Council of Neighborhoods said: “I don’t know how much usage you’re going to get from a Hammond Drive stop.”

The main goal of the commuter corridor is to reduce cut-through traffic, he said. “The more that you zig and zag, and the more stops you make, the less that’s going to be viable.”

A bus rapid transit component will help Revive 285 improve traffic on and around Interstate 285, Mecke said. “The region has prove that people will get on an express bus.”

— Gerhard Schneibel