Letter to the Editor

Thank you for the nice article about Ronnie Mayer in your April 3 issue (“Ronnie Mayer keeps Brookhaven truckin’ ”). People who contribute and have a commitment to the benefit of our community deserve recognition.

Overall, I thought it was very complimentary with the exception of a few jabs. I thought it was poor taste to mention that Debbie is his third wife. And does it matter where he went to school? So he has a high school education. I can spit out a dozen names of CEOs that have only high school educations.

The idea for the library is a valid one. It will serve all the neighboring communities, not just Ashford Park. I realize what the park site is used for now. I, myself, have a family member with a physical disability. The patients there deserve a better facility than what is serving them. Upon closer inspection of its condition, I’m sure that most would agree.

There are going to be pros and cons with every endeavor involving the progress of our community. When there are more pros than cons, we should pull together in a collective way to proceed. I feel very strongly that everyone should benefit from these decisions, and everyone will.

Now here’s something about Ronnie Mayer worth noting. He spends his own time overseeing the maintenance of our neighborhood entrance on Peachtree Road. I don’t see anyone else offering up their personal time for this job. I certainly don’t have the time or the motivation. He also played a huge role in the appearance of our new neighborhood park. He rallied residents to donate whatever they could. One neighbor offered thousands of dollars in trees and sod. He also offered labor installation and irrigation. Another, who owns a stone center, offered $10,000 worth of granite.

Now, one would think he has a house full of children who need a place to play, but that’s not the case. He just cares about the neighborhood and the direction in which it is progressing.

Last year my elderly neighbors, who are in their 80s, had a broken sewer line and called the county. They were told to get a hotel room, and it would be three days before it could be remedied. They then called Ronnie. I don’t know how he did it, but within an hour, three trucks showed up, and the guys worked on the sewer line into the dark until the job was completed.

We like to think of Ronnie as “R Mayer” of Ashford Park because he gets the job done. He has developed a large network of resources and relationships that serve us well. I wish your readers could objectively see the man behind the gray hair and beard. He makes mistakes just like the rest of us. But his good intentions are worth noting. His commitment and dedication merit acknowledgment in the Brookhaven Reporter. With the contributions he makes, he is a true asset to our community.

Troy Wells