The city planning staff is working with the developer of a Sandy Springs hotel to determine whether the impact fees assessed to the project are fair.

Kessler Enterprises, which plans to build the Grand Bohemian Hotel on Abernathy Road at its intersection with Peachtree-Dunwoody Road, has appealed the $119,000 in impact fees sought by the city. Kessler proposes a total of $45,000 instead, based on the idea that a hotel has less impact on city services such as transportation and recreation than a housing development of the same size.

Chris Miller, the city’s deputy community development director, said the city staff and the developer met in early April to discuss the appeal, and the developer sought additional time to work through the process. “We are doing some additional research on that, and they’re going to give us some more information as to what they recommend we look at.”

The City Council will make the decision on the appeal, Miller said, but “we don’t have a specific time line for it.”

The Grand Bohemian case is the only active appeal of Sandy Springs impact fees.

Sembler Co. also appealed the $471,000 in impact fees assessed for its redevelopment of The Prado, seeking a reduction to $227,000, but Miller said Sembler dropped the appeal.