Cleanup citation shows bureaucratic silliness

To the editor:

Just read John Schaffner’s excellent report “Inspired park cleanup earns man day in court” (Brookhaven Reporter, May 1-14). Good story, well written. I am particularly pleased to see the media call attention to the stupidities of bureaucratic vanity over turf, over silly rules and regulations that defy common sense.

Joshua Pechter and his community colleagues have performed a civic service in cleaning up Mayson Ravine Park. They should be commended. It defies common sense for the Atlanta Department of Public Works to issue a citation over mulch.

As for the other red tape to be cut before Pechter and his neighbors could even begin a cleanup, I’m left flabbergasted over the silliness of Atlanta’s commissioner of parks and the Brookhaven Club Neighborhood Association, not to mention Park Pride (whatever that is) and Councilman Howard Shook.

I can’t believe that this case will not be dismissed by the Atlanta Municipal Court without a second thought — although a judge might find the situation amusing.

It is not amusing, however, whenever local authorities refuse to apply common sense to issues such as the Mayson Park cleanup as they arise in any community.

For the record, Schaffner’s piece caught my eye with the mention of Mayson Park, named after a pioneer settler in the Atlanta area from 1826. My wife is a descendant of that family.

Edmund A. Bator

Too much Mayer and anonymity

I have to agree with the reader who wrote to wonder why Ronnie Mayer gets so much ink in the Brookhaven Reporter (Online Feedback, April 17-30), especially the repeated references to him in news stories as the “unofficial mayor of Brookhaven.” Why not use a more realistic title like “longtime Brookhaven resident and businessman” or “community activist and owner of R. Mayer Towing service”?

That said, I think it’s poor journalism to allow anyone to be maligned in print by letters signed “Anonymous.”

Leave the faceless flames to the Internet. If Mayer’s critics want to make their point on your pages, they should have guts enough to sign their names. Demanding that they do so should be your price for publishing what they have to say.

David George

Kudos to the Services Center

While I have great respect for the contributions that Ronnie Mayer has made over the years, I do take exception to his position on the DeKalb Services Center. Ronnie is quick to declare the Services Center a dilapidated building that is only suitable to tear down and be replaced with a new Brookhaven Library.

Ronnie’s position shows a lack of understanding of the incredible work being done by the dedicated staff for some amazing adults who use the center on a daily basis. The focus should be on what can be done to improve the building so that this center can continue its key mission of improving the lives of so many wonderful adults.

Our community should be proud to be the host of the DeKalb Services Center. The last thing we should want to do is tear it down.

Bob Dike