The following letter was sent to Dist. 1 City Council member Doug MacGinnitie in response to his column in the May 29-June 11 issue of the Sandy Springs Reporter, “Months to find, minutes to use”:

I read your article, and, quite frankly, I was shocked. You really don’t get it, do you? We the taxpayers of Sandy Springs don’t want our tax money refunded — we want it judiciously spent to fix the mess that we inherited from Fulton County when we incorporated. We knew what the tax rate would be when we voted for incorporation and feel that we’re getting really good value for our investment.

You intimated in your article that the projects that were funded in only 30 minutes were brand new and that the council acted without giving the matter much thought. In reality, these projects have been around for months and sometimes years, and the only reason that they haven’t been completed sooner is that the funds were not available. I’m not surprised that the decision was reached in only 30 minutes.

You should be ashamed of your attempt at misleading the public with this article.

Phil Ferris