Business signs were a major topic of discussion at the June 9 meeting of the Sandy Springs Design Review Board.

Publix Super Market at 8725 Roswell Road in the Dunwoody Place shopping center submitted a proposal to modify its three monument signs. Two of the signs are at the Roswell Road entrances, and one is at the Dunwoody Place entrance.

The store wants to modify one of the signs on Roswell Road to mimic the other two signs by building a brick base and adding decorative detailing. Publix has asked to increase the height of the signs from 6 to 15 feet.

The proposed changes to the signs would allow more visibility for the other tenants in the shopping center.

The board passed a motion to approve the application, subject to the store reapplying for a variance to modify the third sign to make it close in appearance to the other two.

The Design Review Board also examined a proposal from Homeland Self Storage at 6780 Roswell Road in the Marsh Creek Village shopping center. The business wants to build two freestanding signs and increase the maximum height for the monument signs from 6 feet to 6.67 feet.

The applicant also requested that it be allowed to mount a third wall sign on the building, saying the signs would provide greater visibility for the business.

While the board approved the request for a third wall sign, it recommended that instead of building two monument signs, the applicant consider a single, double-sided sign.

The board decided to defer a complete decision until the applicant obtains approval from the Georgia Department of Transportation for a single monument sign to be built in the center of the triangular island at the entrance to the property.

— Michaela Kron