To the editor:

There is something familiar about the neighborhood opposition to the small Tabula Rasa language school housed at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church. Increased traffic is one of the primary concerns of neighbors. Living in an adjacent subdivision to the relatively new Mount Vernon Presbyterian high school, some of my neighbors had similar concerns. As it turned out, the school’s impact on traffic was minimal. Also, most everyone now considers the high school to be a great addition to Sandy Springs.

The good people at The Epstein School might justifiably shudder at the way they were treated by some of their neighbors when the school sought to expand. Even though the school took great steps to address the concerns of its neighbors, resistance was fierce.

Let’s hope in time the neighborhood will appreciate the improvements made to St. Andrew’s and the instruction offered by Tabula Rasa. Besides, let’s face it: This is Atlanta; traffic is always an issue. One little school isn’t going to make any difference.

Don McAdam