The chimney at the Overlook Park, off Morgan Falls Road, will be a landmark of the new park. I can just foresee that we will say to our friends, “Meet me at the chimney.”

So everyone is in agreement that we want to save the chimney. We do plan to have it rebuilt, so it will be safe. In its current state, it is a hazard and may not last.

There is some evidence that a member of the Power family may once have lived on this property. The Power clan was large, and there were descendants of James Power, the ferry operator, all over the Cobb and Sandy Springs sides of the river. However, the ferry operator, who is the one with historical significance, lived on Heards Ferry Road in a home that still stands today. A new part of the house is wrapped around the original one, and the old hearth still shows evidence of James Power’s residence there before he moved to the Cobb County side. Given the importance of the Power Ferry, this site is the one with historical significance.

Franklin Garrett’s all-encompassing history of Atlanta documents the ferries, and there is no record of a ferry at Bulls Sluice. Moreover, the son of James Power testified in 1892 to the Fulton County Commission in behalf of a bridge at the Power Ferry site. He was still the operator of the ferry at that time. He said that the ferry could not keep up with the traffic, and therefore a bridge needed to be built, and that there was no other crossing until Roswell. Moreover, the state chartered ferries, and nobody has come up with any evidence of a ferry at Bulls Sluice.

Sandy Springs originated as large tracts deeded to the original settlers. They had many children, and occasionally remains of their old domiciles crop up as new homes are built. But that hardly makes them significant. We do not honor sites of the children and cousins and nephews of our founding fathers. Neither is there historical importance to the sites of the countless relatives of our founding settlers.

When the Georgia Power Co. dam gained its renewed license last year, it had to undertake a professional and extensive historical and archival study. It has revealed nothing of significance at the Overlook Park site.

Overlook Park will be a jewel, and it is my sincere hope it will be in a useful state for us to enjoy before the outdoor season ends. The contract to do the work was let in June, and it is time to get the job done!