To the editor:

The widening of Abernathy Road has begun. I was glad to see a chain-link fence arise around two of the oldest trees in Sandy Springs. The trees are 100-plus years old and are a part of this city’s/state’s/country’s heritage. How wonderful that we can preserve the past for the future. We took the time to — no, wait. They must be cut down. The mayor has declared that anything or any site of “questionable sibling origin” should be destroyed and not considered historic.

Mayor! Get a defibrillator! The sky is falling! God forbid! The trees on Abernathy were possibly planted by people who were brothers, sisters, cousins or distant relatives of those who originally founded this area! Oh, my gosh, Mrs. Mayor! The horror! The shock! Trees planted by … relatives!

The chimneys that you dismiss are a testament to their being here! How dare you degrade people based on family? Based on your own “rules,” you are hereby written out of Sandy Springs history. We want preservation, not devastation.

Dann Littlejohn