Studies of the two chimneys uncovered at Morgan Falls Overlook Park officially concluded what was initially thought – that the structures predate the Civil War.

The final report on the Power family home site was delivered to the City of Sandy Springs on Monday, Aug. 17 and determined that the home site was likely built by Joseph Power and/or his son William around 1939.

The studies, funded by the Sandy Springs Conservancy, included an historical assessment by Jack Pyburn of Lord, Aeck & Sargeant and archealogical assessment by New South Associates.

The final report also agreed, based on mortar analysis, that the older of the two chimneys is the one standing. Both studies recommend preserving and stabilizing the chimney in its present location and using it as an historical focal point for the new park.

Dist. 6 Councilwoman Karen Meinzen McEnerny’s effort to voice community concerns started the process that lead to the documentation of the chimney.

Last month, Dist. 2 Councilwoman Dianne Fries indicated that the fate of the chimney and surrounding area should be decided at the city council’s Sept. 15 meeting.