To the Editor:

It blows the mind and turns the stomach! Sherman and his army could never have achieved such devastation as we have just witnessed through the heart of northwest Sandy Springs neighborhoods.

At least 60 homes demolished. Trees and hills gone. A church made ugly. A pre-Civil War home, once charitably left standing by Union soldiers, now left quivering on the absolute edge of the highway. Neighborhoods forever ruined. Countless properties de-valued.

How could this have been allowed? Not a peep from our City Council or mayor, who appears to be relishing a similar plunder on Hammond Drive. On whose backs are they planning to recoup all the revenue from lost property taxes?

While suddenly diminishing population will be left gasping in the escalating heat and fumes created by the “Johnny Isakson Parkway”; his favorite Cobb County constituents—who by the way are whining (can you believe?) about a “foot-bridge” over the river into “their” park—now will be able to speed lots faster through our once-lovely city.

Lee Baker