The renovation of Cross Keys High School, which has suffered untold delays and setbacks, and reportedly began Aug. 1, seems to be behind schedule already.

While officials report that construction is under way, a minimum of activity at the campus indicates otherwise.

As previously reported in the Brookhaven Reporter, the construction fence is up and school property has been removed from the wing where construction will begin.

Sources continue to report that the areas are being prepared for work to begin, but they are still waiting for final design plans and permits.

On Aug. 25, the construction site trailer for Evergreen was locked and barred from the outside. On Sept. 1, the trailer was open and two vehicles were on site – one belonged to a supplier.

Chief Operations Officer Pat Pope stated Aug. 4 that construction would begin and a schedule would be available for public view by mid-August.

Cross Keys teachers and students, many of whom are frustrated by the continued delays and lack of information, joke that a work zone sign reading “SLOW CONSTRUCTION,” means more than “caution” at Cross Keys.

– Jody Steinberg