Sandy Springs city officials want to ensure every resident is protected during times of an emergency.

To that end, the city has implemented two reverse 911 systems — SWIFT 911 and the CodeRed Weather Warning system — and encourages citizens to sign up with their notification information.

“SWIFT 911 will provide Sandy Springs with the ability to rapidly notify its constituents of emergency situations and hazardous conditions,” City Manager John McDonough said.

The city will use the system only to notify residents of emergency incidents where citizen action is requested to preserve life and/or property. The high-speed notification system contacts every household and phone number by telephone, email, text or pager.

Since the program uses a grid map of Sandy Springs, calls can be made to specific neighborhoods with information affecting only that area. To ensure contact is made, the system calls home until a person answers or an answering system picks up. Emergency messages can also reach teletypewriter phones for those who are hearing-impaired.

Additionally, the City continues to register residents into its CodeRed Weather Warning system. Weather Warning will automatically call residents and businesses with a recorded message from the National Weather Service if a severe weather warning is issued for your area.