Publisher’s Note
Steve Levene

This issue marks a milestone of sorts for Reporter Newspapers, with more ads (87) and copies distributed (53,000) than any other in our short, 33 months of operation.

The list of local businesses using the Reporter to promote their products and services, along with schools appearing in our fifth Education Guide, continues to grow — as does the number of neighborhoods where we now offer home delivery in Sandy Springs, Buckhead and Brookhaven.

We are extremely grateful to the hundreds of advertisers who have made our young publication an integral part of their marketing efforts, especially at a time when smaller budgets have to do a bigger job.

We also appreciate the hearty reader feedback we receive from all corners of the three communities. It validates our efforts to fill the Reporter’s pages with relevant and timely local news and information.

Thank you for contributing to the growth of Reporter Newspapers. Please continue to let us know how we’re doing, and what we can be doing better to serve your community.