By John Schaffner

The Buckhead Coalition has sparked an interest among several neighborhood organizations for its offer to pay the lion’s share of the cost to purchase portable radar-controlled speed indicator signs.

In less than a month, five of the 25 Buckhead Council of Neighborhoods (BCN) members have indicated an interest in purchasing the signs for use on their local streets and one, Tuxedo Park, has already made the purchase and has had the equipment delivered.

The Buckhead Coalition, in partnership with All Traffic Solutions, has put together a deal whereby Buckhead neighborhoods can purchase these portable units at a cost to the neighborhood associations of only about $700.

The units normally cost about $4,000. But the Coalition has gotten the price reduced to about $3,000 including tax. The Coalition is picking up 70 percent of the cost, or $2,300, leaving just $700 for the neighborhoods to pay.

If all of the Buckhead neighborhoods accept the Coalition’s offer, the cost to the Coalition will exceed $94,000. In addition to Tuxedo Park, other neighborhoods that have already indicated an interest in the speed indicator signs are Wildwood, Paces and Chastain Park.

Garth Peters, director of community development for the Coalition, told BCN members at their Sept. 10 meeting that the signs have proven to reduce the speed of approaching vehicles by 30 percent or more. The signs flash the speed of oncoming traffic so drivers see when they are exceeding the posted speed limit.

Peters explained that the unit comes as a kit which includes the portable stand, radar device, vehicle speed digital display panel, two batteries and battery charger. He said it is easily assembled and the portability of the unit makes it easy to move from one location to another within the neighborhoods.