The Buckhead Coalition has “taken off the gloves” in the second of two full-page, full-color advertisements it ran in the Wall Street Journal Sept. 19 and 26, touting real-estate opportunities in Atlanta’s prestigious northside community in a pro-active move to attract new business and residents to Buckhead.

The headline on the second advertisement Sept. 26 read: “The best of Manhattan, Malibu or Miami…without having to live in Manhattan, Malibu or Miami.”

“We’ve taken off the gloves with no timidity, truly believing we offer the finest address of choice in the U.S.,” said Sam Massell, president of the 100-member non-profit organization that is paying for the ads.

The two advertisements were designed to hawk the availability of more than 2 million square feet of new office space and 1,000 luxury condominiums that are now available in Buckhead “at historically affordable prices,” said Massell.

Created by Atlanta-based Fitzgerald & Co., the ads featured a rendering of Buckhead’s skyline and copy promoting the benefits of “living, working and playing” in a community ranked among the most affluent by publications such as the Robb Report.

The Coalition also has a new web site for the ad campaign, Readers are able to view the landing page at that web site, with links directly to 29 of Buckhead’s major commercial and residential developers for specific inventory information.

“We decided to be pro-active in reminding the wider business community that there are now great deals to be had here in Buckhead,” explained Massell. “Whether you are looking for a place to grow your business or a place to call home, Buckhead offers a variety of affordable, luxury options. We have the exclusive shops, the five-star hotels and world-class restaurants,” he added. “The only difference between Buckhead and areas such as Beverly Hills or the Upper East Side is that we’ll serve you a decent glass of tea—with a smile.”

Buckhead consists of 42 neighborhoods within 28 square miles and boasts a population of 72,000 (double that by day), 21 million square feet of office space, 23,000 multifamily units, 5,300 hotel rooms and 1,400 retail stores.

— John Schaffner