Sandy Springs Police will not add 11 new officers to its staff of 125 in fiscal 2010.

No funds were allocated for the department from a federal Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) grant the city applied for in April.

Police Chief Terry Sult said grant funds were denied because of how well Sandy Springs has fared in the down economy, “which I do not think was a fair evaluation.” He said cities were selected based on the number of police officers let go over a period of time.

“We didn’t have to lose any,” said Sult, noting Sandy Springs and other cities that “were effective and efficient with their resources and did not have to layoff police officers” were punished.

“There are cities, and a lot of them, that were not effective. The answer to policing problems is to send more police officers instead of looking at the root causes of the problems. I think there is a problem when you award that kind of thinking.”

—Amy Wenk