To the editor:

After attending this year’s somewhat abbreviated Sandy Springs Festival, produced by Heritage Sandy Springs, my first thought was to write the committee members to compliment them on a job well done.

Thank goodness I read your take on the festival in the Oct. 2 issue first. (I’ve got to learn to listen to others and not trust my own lying eyes.)

It seems that where I saw a community come together for two days of laughter and fun, you chafed at an exorbitant entry fee of — omigosh, $5! And where I observed children — my grandkids included — having a terrific time climbing walls, all you seemed to see were adults being taken for $2 every time their kids said, “I want to do it again!”

Maybe life’s special moments, like beauty, really are in the eye of the beholder. And maybe I should have been more aware of the price of enjoying the festival — but my family and I were having too much fun at the time.

I certainly respect your right to your opinion. But in my opinion your opinion came off as a bit too negative and critical. Not only that, but when you express them first in the community’s newspaper rather than directly to the committee, it has the effect that neither flooding nor torrential rains could accomplish. It puts a damper on what I thought was a marvelous affair, especially considering all that the economy and Mother Nature threw at it this year.

Having read and enjoyed your paper over the years, I’m sure deep down you meant well. I know you support the community and the festival. I even saw your booth there. But basing your criticisms and suggestions on the comments of a random sampling of attendees is hardly a statistically valid method. I know, for example, that if you had asked me, I’d have skewed your results. I would have told you that:

1. Five dollars to attend a day of celebration of our fine community really is “cheap at twice the price.” Have you been to an amusement park lately? Or even the movies?

2. I am happy to fork over $2 each time one of my grandkids climbed that wall. It sure beats the cost of a video game and its better exercise.

3. Charging vendors more to participate likely will a) possibly lower the number of participating vendors, and/or b) cause the increase to be passed along to the general public. (Have you been following the healthcare debate at all?)

4. You called for a juried arts and craft show. Great. Just what we need. Another more serious competition to discourage some people from entering.

Anyway, I hear the committee always welcomes suggestions—but it’s more eager for those offering those suggestions to join the committee, roll up their sleeves and become part of the solution rather than part of the …. Well, you know the rest.

I look forward to seeing you at the Heritage Sandy Springs Ghostly Gathering on Oct. 23. For more details go to

Harvey D. Kart