By John Schaffner

The Buckhead Business Association honored a Atlanta firefighter, Fulton County Sheriff’s deputy and a multi-unit team of officers from Atlanta Police Zone 2 and the Georgia State Patrol with its quarterly public safety awards on Oct. 22.

The Fire/Rescue Officer of the Quarter Award was presented to firefighter James Dwyer of Station 3, near Phipps Plaza in Buckhead, for rescuing a worker from a ditch where he had become trapped and buried when the wall collapsed on him. Although other workers at the site had dug the man partially out, his right foot and calf remained trapped in tightly packed dirt.

The man had suffered a possible broken shoulder and was having difficulty breathing after being smothered by the dirt. Seeing the condition of the man and ignoring the possibility of another collapse of the trench wall, Dwyer entered the trench, administered oxygen to the control the man’s breathing and extricated his calf and foot in order to get him out as fast as possible and to the hospital for treatment.

Deputy Kenny Ingram of the Fulton County Sheriff’s Department was presented the Officer of the Quarter Award for his efforts on July 20 in managing the detention of two young men in a Fulton County courtroom who had charged the officer from their seats in the gallery and posed potential for a dangerous situation during a trial.

Deputy Ingram personally subdued the first assailant, finally having to use his Taser to get the person handcuffed, and directed the assistance of two other officers in the courtroom to detain the second assailant. The men were transported for detention without further incident.

The third Officer of the Quarter award actually was presented to a multi-disciplinary team of officers, some of whom were on duty for the Buckhead Community Improvement District at the time of the incident. Two of the officers were from Atlanta Police Zone 2, another was from Zone 3 and the fourth was a trooper with the Georgia State Patrol.

During the first week of August, two armed robbery suspects were attempting to allude police. Officers Meredith Crowder and James Plowden were working for the CID at the Piedmont/Lenox intersection. Officers Brian Sharp and Trooper Stacey Collins were at the intersection of Peachtree and Piedmont. The four assisted Zone 2 in apprehending the two suspects who had tried to steal from the Kroger on Piedmont. The week before, they had committed an armed robbery at the Taco Stand on Roswell Road north of Peachtree Road.

The officers chased the suspects on foot and used radio communications between each other. The officers arrested the two suspects—a male and a female—in the ninth floor stairwell of the Buckhead Grand condominiums. The male suspect had attempted to cut off his hair while in the stairway to distract the officers. The suspects were carted off to jail.

The four officers together received the award for their work.

The BBA presents Officer of the Quarter awards to firefighters, Zone 2 Atlanta Police officers and deputies of the Fulton County Sheriff’s Department at its luncheons four quarters each year.