I am not part of consensus view

To the editor:

In the article about the Tanyard Creek Path, one could infer that there is a neighborhood consensus about the path (“The neighborhoods say….” and “…the neighborhood residents have totally….” and “…the concerned citizen groups….”).

Who are these people and are their views really representative? I’ve lived in the Tanyard Creek area for more than 13 years and am out-of-the-loop despite having placed my name on several neighborhood distribution lists.

Indeed, I am unaware of any meeting notices regarding the Path, except for a survey that was distributed about five years ago. I happen to be in favor of the path, and maybe that explains the omission. But I just want to let you know that I, and perhaps others, hold a different point-of-view than those being expressed on our behalf.

M. Lewin

P.S.: I really appreciate your newspaper and have found the information you provide to be very interesting and of practical value.

Dangers after flood an eye-opener

To the editor:

I am a concerned citizen who lives near Memorial Park and very much appreciated your piece on the area and how dangerous it can be.

I have been walking my 5- month-old child around the park (mainly on the street) but it still concerns me what is in the air and on my tennis shoes. I no longer walk around the park.

My main question is why is no one talking about this? This should be a major health scare! And what about all those people who live on Woodward Way, will their children get sick by playing in their yards (I have two friends who live over there and don’t want to go to their house for a play date)? Are they being notified of how dangerous this is?

I would love to know if you have any further findings, or came up against any opposition when writing the article

Carol Forrester