To the editor

Tuesday, Nov. 3, beginning at 6 p.m, the team from the DeKalb County School System responsible for spending $20 million of your money renovating Cross Keys High School will be hosting a public briefing on the school campus at 1626 North Druid Hills Road. This may be your only chance to express your opinion about the school system’s plans or to ask questions about how your money is being invested.

I have spent many hours getting to know my local high school and to help reconnect it to its Brookhaven neighbors. Like others that have taken the time to learn about the school I have been impressed by two things: 1) the high quality of the young people there and 2) the dilapidated condition of the current physical environment. It is an embarrassment that our young people spend their school days in such poor conditions just one mile from the heart of Brookhaven.

After reviewing the plan, I am of the opinion that the $20 million being spent at Cross Keys this year provides far from what is necessary to restore the physical plant to one that is worthy of its students or of Brookhaven. I also believe a key reason why relatively little is being invested in our local public high school is because many have become indifferent to the fate of this 52-year-old Brookhaven institution.

It’s time to wake up. Most of Brookhaven’s children may have been taken out of Cross Keys over the years but Cross Keys is still in Brookhaven. If we don’t watch over Brookhaven’s local public high school, who will? I hope to see you this Tuesday night. After all, it’s your $20 million.

Kim Gokce
Member, Cross Keys High School School Council; director, Brookhaven Community Connection; President, HillsDale Neighborhood Association