Lt. M. Cotter reported to Neighborhood Planning Unit B that the Zone 2 Atlanta police had written 30 to 40 tickets to people who were cutting through the Collier Hills neighborhood to avoid the traffic jam at Northside Drive and Collier Hills Road during rush hours on their way to Piedmont Hospital.

All of the tickets were written to employees of Piedmont Hospital, he said.

Lt. Cotter also warned of a problem that has cropped up in Garden Hills. He said delivery services are dropping off packages at the front door of homes in the neighborhood when residents are not there and another car is coming behind and picking up the packages. He asked neighbors to get the tag numbers of those cars and call the police.

He suggested that people give a secondary address for delivery of packages if they are not going to be home—an address where they can later go and personally pick up the packages.

–John Schaffner