Editor’s Notes
John F. Schaffner

We have said that we are not “endorsing” candidates in the city of Atlanta’s municipal elections and that is not the point of this column.

The point is that Buckhead residents cannot be complacent between now and Dec. 1. There is too much at stake in the way the city is run by those elected to office and Buckhead residents have a larger financial stake at risk than most in the city.

Buckhead residents pay the most taxes and therefore contribute a larger piece to the city budget. However, it is no secret Buckhead residents don’t get the nurturing or the service attention they deserve for that investment—and haven’t for many years and administrations.

We need people in the mayor’s office and at City Council who share Buckhead’s values, concerns for the future of the city and desire for fiscal responsibility and fiscal and services accountability.

Buckhead needs to vote for city leaders who have an appreciation for the financial investment Buckhead taxpayers continue to make to ensure all parts of the city are safe, clean, vibrant and growing and so all Atlantans can work together in every neighborhood to make this city the best place to work, live and play for all.

Every registered voter in Buckhead needs to carefully evaluate the candidates for mayor, City Council president and the remaining contested Post 2 At-Large City Council. Weigh their commitment to the city, but also to Buckhead.

Then, Buckhead residents need to vote in record numbers—a far greater turnout than on Nov. 3—to send the message that Buckhead cares and will be vigilant in demanding more from City Hall.