To the editor:

Thank you for your conscientious coverage of issues important to the life of our shared community here in Sandy Springs. I hope you can help me and my neighbors in addressing an area of growing concern.

I live in Sandy Springs on North Mill Road, the heavily-traveled cut-through street connecting Brandon Mill & Johnson Ferry Roads. Due to the closure of the Riverside Drive Bridge in the fall of 2009, detour traffic has added significantly to the usual volume of commuter traffic through our neighborhood.

We understand the need for the detour. What we do not understand is the total disregard of the detouring drivers who speed through our neighborhood throughout the day, despite the posted speed limit of 25 mph and the presence of ‘traffic calming devices’ (a.k.a. speed humps).

I hope you will find space in your paper to print this letter as a plea from me and a group of my neighbors, who are tired of feeling that our safety is compromised as we walk, jog, gather our mail, or simply try to enjoy our homes & gardens. We feel like to live on a highway, and we don’t understand the disrespect of the commuting ‘guests’ in our neighborhood; such speeding is completely rude and inconsiderate, not to mention unsafe.

We want to plead with these drivers to think of their own families, homes and neighborhoods as they drive through North Mill Road between Brandon Mill and Johnson Ferry and to drive more cautiously.

To the Riverside Drive Bridge detour drivers: Please slow down to the posted speed limit of 25 mph as you come and go through our neighborhood. We have heard that the bridge closure has been extended past the end of the April deadline, but we have endured your speeding too long. Please make the effort to change your driving habits, slow down through our neighborhood and make a difference for us, our safety, your own safety, and the quality of good will between our communities.

Deborah Garrard and other residents of North Mill Road