Irish Car Bomb Ice Cream SundaeBy Elizabeth Broadfoot

Lake Claire’s Nancy Dorsner often found herself asking the age old question, What’s for dinner?” She decided to do something about it by creating, a website with a variety of voices offering up recipes and tips for cooking at home.

What is the main thing you want to get out of the site?

This has been a labor of love from the concept to the launch in February of this year. I love to cook, and I love to share and help other people. But it’s also turned into an opportunity to build connections and community, plus a learning experience for me and the rest of the team. Of course, if anyone offers, I wouldn’t argue with fame, fortune, my own line of cookbooks, and a show on the Food Network!

Tell me about having so many different writers and how that works?

One of the original goals of Foodwhirl was to bring together different cooks, with different lives and family types – from a newlywed, to a single health guru, to a busy mom of three who’s going back to school. Everyone is encouraged to write in their own voice and I think that adds a great deal of value. If you want to just go find a recipe on the internet, there are plenty of sites for that. But we are trying to give a glimpse into “real” cooks with real lives, and I think our readers appreciate that. None of our original writers knew each other (except for me) prior to this, so it’s been fun to see friendships evolve out of this.

What feedback have you received from the site?

The feedback has been great so far.  Everyone seems to really like idea of real cooks sharing their version of “What’s For Dinner?” We have readers who are new to cooking, and those who are very comfortable in the kitchen, and we try to serve both.  We do many recipes with step-by-step pictures, which can be a great help to a novice cook.  We also have a techniques section where we cover the basic and more advanced techniques, like how to slice an onion or make homemade yogurt. We love the feedback we get on our Facebook page, where our readers will share what they are cooking for dinner, too!

What are the top five most visited recipes so far?

Irish Car Bomb Ice Cream Sundae: This has been our most read recipe despite the somewhat politically incorrect name. It’s based on the drink of the same name; an adult version of the ice-cream sundae. And it’s way yummy.

Overnight roast pork: I’ve used this recipe myself several times now, and I can vouch for its greatness. Who doesn’t want to be able to cook while sleeping!?

Corned Beef and cabbage: Published for St. Patrick’s Day, this three part series is on corning your own corned beef.  I never would have thought to do it, but I’m going to try it next year.

Cheesecake Cookie Cupcakes: Some of our recipes are complex, but this one is one of those recipes where no one will ever guess how fast and easy it was to create a delicious dessert or partysnack.

Ginger and White Chocolate Granola Bars: This is a great twist on your standard granola bar. And making your own granola bars is easy, and healthier than the store bought versions.

Collin Kelley

Collin Kelley has been the editor of Atlanta Intown for two decades and has been a journalist and freelance writer for 35 years. He’s also an award-winning poet and novelist.