At a June 15 meeting, Sandy Springs City Council approved its 2011 budget that takes effect July 1.

No residents commented on the budget during two June public hearings.

“We are delighted everyone is so happy with it,” Mayor Eva Galambos said.

The budget will not increase taxes for residents.

The 2011 budget totals $165 million if all funding sources like federal grants are included.

The general fund budget, which pays for the city’s operations, is about $83 million, down from last year’s budget of almost $90 million. Due to decreased revenues, the city balanced the 2011 budget with $5 million it saved from prior budget years.

The 2011 budget includes $2.5 million to pave roads, $1.8 million to repair stormwater infrastructure, $1.85 million to construct sidewalks, $1.5 million to improve Morgan Falls Road, $1.5 million to renovate Heritage Sandy Springs’ Bluestone building and $500,000 to lease a second gymnastics facility in the city.

City officials are also dedicating $3.5 million in next year’s budget to pay for land for future facilities such as a City Hall and police headquarters.

City Manager John McDonough said the city will hold hearings and adopt a millage rate in September, although no changes to the rate are proposed. He the city is waiting on Fulton County to approve the tax digest, which is the tax value of properties in the county.

—Amy Wenk