City Councilman Howard Shook has sent an e-mail to neighborhood contacts in his Buckhead district warning them of parking enforcement activities taking place on neighborhood streets.

“You may wish to alert your neighbors that ParkAtlanta, the company to which municipal parking enforcement was outsourced, has begun patrolling our residential streets in search of vehicles ‘facing the wrong way’,” Shook wrote.

He suggested the warning be e-mailed to all residents.

He reminded his constituents that there was a similar “outbreak” of ticket writing three or four years ago when parking enforcement was done by the Public Works Department. “After a huge outcry,” Shook wrote, “the enforcement of that particular violation magically stopped.”

Shook pointed out that ParkAtlanta’s contract rewards enforcement. So, it may not be as easily stopped. “The code section requiring vehicles to park in the same direction as the travel lane provides a lot of soft targets,” he wrote. “Because this is a private company it will be immune to political pressure.”

Shook told residents, “It would have been nice for warnings to have been issued the first time around, but evidently that stipulationwasn’t part of the master contract.”

The fine is $25.

“Your neighbors should be encouraged to get into the habit of making the extra effort required to park the right way,” Shook wrote, “as the continuation of ‘good hunting’ will ensure more visits from this firm.”

-John Schaffner