iphoneBy Jesse Morado
Great strides in technology have provided us with improved communication, readily available entertainment, increased safety and home comfort.
Home automation systems have really improved over the last ten years and having a smart home is much easier and cost effective today than you think. Many homeowners have either resisted or avoided incorporating smart home systems into their homes either because their perceived as too complicated, costly and or invasive.
Smart home systems today are scalable, can be easily integrated into any home. They also provide more security, safety, increase comfort and enjoyment. Most systems are designed to link and control literally anything that is connected to the electronic system of your home. This means that virtually anything that has power running to it can be linked to one of these systems.
Imagine being at work or on a trip and remembering you left a window or the garage door open. Simply punch a couple of keys from your office computer or smart phone and the door closes. Some other great benefits you receive from making your home smarter:
• The lights dim automatically when you start a movie in the DVR.
• Shades close at key times of the day to reduce heat gain.
• The radiant floor in your bathroom kicks on one hour before you wake up.
• Everyone can listen to their own style of music in different rooms of the home.
Home automation systems are no longer complex or require reading a large manual to get up to speed. Wireless systems with remote controls are available today and are great for existing homes where addition of wiring could be costly or invasive. Some systems even have app that allows you to control lighting, temperature, music, TV, and security right off an iPad.
When sitting down to discuss your next remodeling project or if you are thinking about building a new home, engage a smart home consultant and bring them into the design process to lay out a plan that meets your needs. After the project is complete the enjoyment, reduced energy bills, and safety you experience will far exceed the investment.
Jesse Morado is CEO of Renovation Coach, Inc. a consulting firm providing pre-construction guidance and risk management for homeowners and business coaching of best practices for contractors. He is a Certified Remodeler and Certified Aging in Place Specialist and currently serves as NARI Nationals Education Committee Vice Chair. You may reach him at (404) 729-4969 or at www.renovationcoach.com.

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