By Roshani Chokshi

Atlanta’s new Re-Inspiration store takes a swing at conventional beauty by creating unique gifts, home accents and accessories from objects, scrap materials and used items. Located in the Westside Design District, Re-Inspiration emphasizes art with key recyclable or used components.

“The mission of the store is to teach people how you can re-create things,” said co-founder Brooke Schultz. “Art, affordability and recycling, that’s the core of the business, and teaching people that they can turn something they have and refurnish it.”

Schultz said that the store is breaking even monthly. She said that they eventually plan to use vendors who subscribe to similar sustainability and recyclable themes inside the store.

She described Re-Inspiration’s artwork as pieces that obviously utilized used material in order to re-create. By using wood pieces that were used before her ownership of Re-Inspiration, Schultz painted the wood and glued tile pieces onto them as an example of the salvaged material that can inexpensively turn into art.

“Most of our artists that we deal with we just do straight up consignment. We’re only keeping 35 percent, and most artists appreciate that,” Schultz said. “I prefer to buy outright from people. It’s hard when you’re opening a business because you don’t know what’s going to sell.”

She added that current plans are to move to a wholesale relationship with only 30 percent consignment work and the rest in-house recreations. “I want to be known for that as well as a cool gift store not so much a consignment store. I want our identity to be more about the expansion of being able to help people re-create stuff,“ Schultz said.

Since its conception last August, the store has flourished as the only 100 percent recycled store in Atlanta. A self-diagnosed recovering drug rep, Schultz said she has no regrets despite risking her retirement on this project.

“In my whole life, I’ve always been blessed and I wouldn’t trade my life now for any of that crap. Not even as broke as I am,” Schultz said with a laugh.

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