Sandy Springs Police officers handcuffed two men Aug. 6 at the Signature Bank ATM on Roswell Road. Photos by Amy Wenk.

By Amy Wenk

A Sandy Springs Police officer removes money and other items from a man’s pocket.

Two men were arrested at a Sandy Springs ATM on Aug. 6 in a fraud case involving stolen prepaid credit cards.

Sandy Springs Police spokesman Lt. Steve Rose said the two men were being held on fraud and theft-related charges. He would not release the names of the two men.

“This is basically just the tip of the iceberg,” Rose said. “I’m sure there is going to be a long list of [charges].”

Rose said the men stole prepaid credit cards from stores such as CVS and Rite Aid and used the cards to withdraw, over the last month, more than $20,000 from the Signature Bank branch at 6065 Roswell Road.

“They were armed with handfuls of these prepaid cards,” Rose said.

He said the men visited the ATM on July 2, 23 and 30, as well as Aug. 6. “They waited until the ATMs were filled [with cash] on Friday,” Rose said.

Rose said it took the two men about 20 minutes to complete each transaction.

He said a manager of Signature Bank recognized the pattern and alerted police to watch for a black Mercedes or a Range Rover.

“That is what got them,” Rose said. “They got greedy.”

Rose said a patrol officer, in a marked police car, staked out the ATM on Aug. 6. When he saw a black Mercedes S550 pull up to the drive-up ATM at about 3:45 p.m., he called for assistance.

Eight police cars and about 10 officers encircled the Mercedes. Officers with drawn firearms demanded the two occupants of the car get out and kneel on the pavement. One person was pulled from the vehicle.

Police officers removed a large sum of currency from the pockets of the suspects.

The two suspects were handcuffed and taken away in two police cars. Officers drove the Mercedes off the property.

“We recovered a lot of evidence,” Rose said.

He said an investigation would determine the fraud victims.