To the editor:

I observed three policemen, standing by their three motorcycles parked on the sidewalk under the shade of trees at the corner of the busy intersection where the Buckhead Loop enters Piedmont Road.

They were casually beckoning to and ticketing drivers who were using one of the many turn lanes, the one nearest to the sidewalk. (Observed at 5:15 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 21.)

In conversations with others, I learned that police entrapment at this spot has been observed on many occasions.

The crime? Using the right turn lane that is so poorly marked that even I, who have used this confusing intersection many times, have never noticed the sign. When I looked, I found the sign hidden among eight small green signs hanging high above the intersection. One sign said that the far right turn lane is for private drives only.

If it is important to keep people out of that seemingly logical turn lane, there should be large warnings on the pavement as well as large signs before the lane is available.

In the meantime, apologies and refunds are due to the people who have been caught up in the Atlanta Police Department’s game.

Mary Mitchell