By John Schaffner

October may be the answer to what has been a frequently asked question in Buckhead:

When will construction work resume at The Streets of Buckhead?

October is the time frame developer Ben Carter e-mailed to the Buckhead Reporter on Sept. 1.

There have been announcements of earlier dates that have not materialized — most recently, Carter said construction would restart immediately after new $200 million financing was completed in mid-July.

The text of Carter’s e-mail, in response to five questions from the Reporter, was:

“Please know that my team is working in the worst economic conditions, with no sign of clear improvement. We remain hopeful that our efforts will overcome all obstacles and start construction back up in October. With construction commencing in October, we would open in March 2012 with a roster of retailers as previously announced and who for the most part have stuck with their commitment to open in Atlanta within our project.”

Buckhead Coalition President Sam Massell, who was copied by Carter on his e-mail, had said in August that he “remains hopeful” that everything will work out and construction will restart soon. “I know that it is extremely complicated and time-consuming to complete a major financial deal” like the one that Carter was expecting to complete by mid-July.

“I am still looking at The Streets of Buckhead project as a glass half-full, rather than half-empty,” Massell said.

John Schaffner

John Schaffner was founding editor of Reporter Newspapers.