By Amy Wenk

Photo by Phil Mosier — Lynne Malloy, a star athlete at North Springs who later coached at the school and still substitute-teaches, shows ex-Spartans around the renovated facility, now North Springs Charter High School.

More than 700 alumni spent Labor Day weekend reminiscing about their high school days during the multi-year North Springs High School reunion.

The classes of 1966 through 1979 were invited Sept. 3-5 to the Atlanta Marriott Alpharetta. The weekend included dinners, dancing and tours of what is now called North Springs Charter High School, which opened its doors in Sandy Springs in 1963.

“We’re just so proud that our school is still here,” said Susan Angevine McKessy, class of 1972, as she strolled through the hallways of North Springs on Sept. 4.

During the tour, alumni were amazed at the renovations at the school. Some ate food from the concession stand; others gazed at the hundreds of athletic trophies near the gym.

“When I was here, we had double sessions and shared lockers because we were so crowded,” McKessy said. “Now it looks like a college to me.”

Lisa Tolleson Goodman, class of 1977, showed up for the school tour in her ‘70s drill team attire — white cowboy boots with orange and blue pom-pons.

The Lampkin twins were also among those who attended.

Sally and Sue Lampkin, class of 1971, were blond, blue-eyed cheerleaders at North Springs; to this day, they still finish each other’s sentences.

“We both married our high school sweethearts,” said Sue Lampkin Blakeslee, who lives in Sandy Springs. Sue carried her hand-painted megaphone during the tour.

The twins shared memories of cheerleading when the school won the state football championship in 1969.

“Money flooded into the athletics,” Sue said. She said students celebrated with car bashes and bonfires. “Our dad donated a ’57 Cadillac” and for $1 a hit, kids destroyed the automobile.

“It was the best years in high school,” Sally said. “This brings back so many memories.”

Another set of twins graced the halls of North Springs that day, Leigh and Lynne Malloy, who were then the school’s top female athletes.

“Athletics were our lives,” Lynne said. The twins participated in softball, basketball, cheerleading, volleyball and gymnastics, she said.

“We probably intimidated and scared a lot of guys,” Lynne said with a laugh.

The Malloy twins both ended up being high school coaches. Lynne returned to North Springs as a coach and Leigh coached at Riverwood International Charter School. Lynne retired in 2008 and Leigh in 2009.

Several faculty members, like former football coach Bob Mangan, also attended. Mangan came to North Springs in 1965.

“It was very affluent,” Mangan said about the school’s early days. “Kids wore designer clothes and came in big cars.”

Mangan retired from the school in 2001 but came back to work part time.

“I just really enjoyed it,” said Mangan, who now lives in Hartwell, Ga. “It was like home.”

The reunion was led by Al Whitton, class of 1973; Lynne Malloy, class of 1974; and Lander Stoddard, class of 1974.

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