By John Schaffner

DeKalb County’s Chamblee Charter High School ranked 11th among metro Atlanta schools with an SAT average of 1628.

Meanwhile, Cross Keys High School in Brookhaven recorded the highest increase in its average SAT scores among DeKalb high schools from 2009-2010, increasing 47 points (1249 to 1296), according to data on the DeKalb County Schools Web site.

Riverwood International Charter School in Sandy Springs was one of six Fulton County schools ranked in the top 25 in Georgia in SAT scores.

Riverwood’s average score of 1640 was 18th in the state, and ninth highest among metro Atlanta high schools.

Among metro Atlanta high schools, North Atlanta High School, which is in the Atlanta Public Schools system, recorded the fifth highest increase in its average SAT scores from 2009-2010, an increase of 67 points to 1442.

Fulton’s total score of 1580 is 36 points higher than the state average in reading, 47 points higher in math and 44 points higher in writing. Fulton students also surpassed their national peers by 23 points in reading, 21 points in math and 27 points in writing.

Reading and math scores held steady in Fulton, but 2010 writing scores fell by four points. The state’s writing scores also fell seven points. The national score remained the same.

Fulton participation rates remain high, with 85 percent of the 2010 graduating class taking the test – an increase of 10 percent from 2009. In Georgia, 74 percent of the Class of 2010 took the exam and 47 percent took it nationally.

“I’m pleased to see that our high school students repeatedly do well on the SAT. Six of our schools are the highest-scoring in the state, the most of any school system,” said Fulton Superintendent Cindy Loe. “Fulton’s high SAT scores show that our teachers are preparing students for college.”

John Schaffner

John Schaffner was founding editor of Reporter Newspapers.