By John Schaffner

Atlanta’s Chief Operating Officer Peter Aman said Mayor Kasim Reed’s vision of accomplishments for the city of Atlanta include five major elements: public safety, fiscal stability, youth development, customer service and economic development.

Aman provided a brief report card of accomplishments to date for those attending a meeting of the Northwest Community Alliance Sept. 15.

Public Safety: The city has hired 100 new police officers and has proposed a new design of police beats. The city’s “hybrid system” of responding to fire emergencies includes the Fire Rescue Department—the greater amount of calls—was only meeting its standard goal on medical emergencies 50 percent of the time. Now up to 70 percent and brownouts have been eliminated.

Fiscal Stability: The city has moved from only $7 million in reserves to $50 million in reserves at present and will add another $27 million.

Youth Development: All of the city’s recreation centers have been reopened and they are being turned into Centers of Hope with meaningful training programs. Cultural centers also are being reopened.

Customer Service: The administration is aggressively working to improve customer service across many city departments, with more direct control coming through the COO’s office. Administration is working not only on improving technical aspects of customer service, but also attitude problems.

Economic Development: The administration is putting emphasis on economic development programs which will fund tax growth. Atlanta represents 10 percent of the total metro region and has all of the urban structure but not the tax base for support. Improving this is a major priority.

John Schaffner

John Schaffner was founding editor of Reporter Newspapers.