Kandi sings on Real Housewives of AtlantaBy Brigette Flood and Sandy M. Tyler

The Real Housewives’ second episode has the ladies showcasing some of the best behavior we’ve seen to date. It’s too early in the season to guess if this is the calm before the storm, but this week’s surprising take away is that these people make sense sometimes. Who knew!

To start, Kim works out? Color us astonished. Her “workout” takes place next to a busy road. We thought this was a shameless PR stunt, but then realized it’s because she can cop free beer from a local liquor store on the way home. She and her assistant enjoy the cold beverages al fresco… on the sidewalk outside the store. Maybe she saves the white wine for the Bentley? Nothing defines a good workout more than open containers and jaywalking. At least now she knows a good lawyer.

Speaking of Phaedra, we see the southern goddess in her high rise office with views rivaling Mt. Olympus and a client who appreciates the high life too, wink wink. Seriously though, Phaedra scores big points when talking about the numbers of black men serving prison time and the importance of helping them break out of this cycle. Unfortunately her sincerity quickly succumbs to lawyerly instinct, as she says, “Dave, you keep me paid.” We guess that the only thing tougher than spelling her name is paying her hourly rate. Good luck, Dave.

Shereé goes on a blind date and is introduced to three unknowns: her date, dancing and a real intown Atlanta neighborhood. Informed that the night may include dancing, she spends many minutes selecting from a collection of fierce shoes one would be hard-pressed to walk in, let alone groove in. She attributes her lack of rhythm to being “a white girl in a black girl body,” not the kicks in her closet sporting 7-inch heels. Both dancing and the date actually turn out nicely for both parties. The good and “easy on the eyes” doctor professes to live with no airs – it’s the new keepin’ it real. And it seems to work for Shereé. What might not be real is the doctor’s degree. We’ll see how that shakes out on date #2.

Kandi’s back in the studio, with the talented Ne-Yo. Fun to watch the collaboration. More fun listening to them talk shop. Ne-Yo says, “It’s been proven, anyone can get on stage and kinda sorta sing but it takes a special person to write the song.“ Don’t we know it! For Kim, it pays to be tardy for the party. But not so much for Kandi, without whom Kim wouldn’t have made it to the party at all. It seems oddly unjust when the show reveals Kim made an estimated $80-100K on last year’s “Tardy for the Party” single but Kim chose to cut Kandi out of the 50/50 split they agreed on. We’re surprised business-minded Kandi let that happen. Money’s temporary. Karma and talent last forever.

Our new housewife, Cynthia Bailey, enters the pool with barely a ripple compared to the splash our regular maidens make. We meet her as NeNe’s sounding board at the Dogwood festival and then several times at Uptown Supper Club, owned by her man, Peter. As a supermodel, Cynthia enjoys big fish status in the small pond of Atlanta. She’s been engaged a couple of times…at least three when barely pressed for details…and she can’t think of a reason not to marry Peter. Maybe she just needed to stick a french-manicured toe in to test the water, but she’ll fit in just fine. Lots of water works to come.

As fun as it is to blog about Atlanta’s Housewives, we feel like being snarky about their kids is crossing the line. We aren’t going directly address the struggles that NeNe’s son Brice is having. However, we witnessed a remarkable exchange between NeNe and him on this week’s show.

Sometimes children need a wake-up call, and we so rarely see the Bravo Housewives in any city establish proper boundaries with their kids. NeNe gave Brice some seemingly well-deserved feedback when he asked to move back home but didn’t want to obey the rules of his mother’s household. If only she could resolve her conflicts with the other people in her life so easily. On tonight’s episode, NeNe did address and resolve her issues with Dwight, so maybe she is showing new signs of maturity too.

At The Uptown Supper Club for Kandi’s performance, MUCH is being said about Phaedra’s husband’s criminal past. ALL Southern women love the latest gossip. (Including the ones writing this blog.) It does seem curious that such a successful woman, who makes her living as an attorney no less, would marry a convict. But the other Housewives have plenty of dichotomies in their lives, too. Bravo certainly excels at finding cast-members with juicy storylines to tell. That’s why we watch.

Collin Kelley

Collin Kelley has been the editor of Atlanta Intown for two decades and has been a journalist and freelance writer for 35 years. He’s also an award-winning poet and novelist.

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  1. There was entirely too much of people acting like responsible adults last night. I mean, I was actually proud of NeNe’s handling of both the Brice and Dwight situations. I hope Bravo upped the drink budget after that taping so we can get back to The Crazy.

  2. There was entirely too much of people acting like responsible adults last night. I mean, I was actually proud of NeNe’s handling of both the Brice and Dwight situations. I hope Bravo upped the drink budget after that taping so we can get back to The Crazy.

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