Chamblee Charter High School is offering a special German Language diploma administered by the German government that gives students access to a German University without further testing, the school has announced.

Chamblee High will be the only public school in Georgia to offer the diploma, the school said in a press release. Only 800 schools in the world offer the diploma, the school said.

“We are really excited,” Chamblee German teacher Uwe Neuhaus said in the release. “Our students are given a wonderful opportunity to ‘cash in’ on their German language skills.”

Students earning the special certificate will receive it during a ceremony involving German government officials in Atlanta, the school said.

To earn the diploma, students must take a test that requires display of a wide range of skills in German, the school said. The test includes a six-minute oral presentation on a controversial topic, the school said.

In March, Peter Reuter, German Ministry of Education liaison for high schools in the southeastern U.S., administered a pilot test to 60 Chamblee High students in the 10th to 12th grades. All passed, the school said. Reuter then gave the oral exam to the seniors and all passed at the highest level, the school said.

The school said instruction in German had been “an integral part” of the magnet program at Chamblee High since the program started in 1991. Magnet students begin studying German in elementary school. The high school offers advanced German course.

“Our students continue with German in college,” Neuhaus said. “They participate in exchange programs with German universities and spend a considerable amount of time in Germany. The language diploma offers them unlimited opportunities to pursue a career.”