The following information was provided to the Reporter by the Sandy Springs Police Department from its records and is presumed to be accurate.


300 block Winding River Drive 30350 – The victim reported someone came into his apartment Oct. 2 and bypassed a television and other electronics, but found and stole $1,800 in cash and a large amount of jewelry in a drawer in the upstairs area. It is never a good idea to keep a lot of cash and/or jewelry unsecured in your home. Safes are a good idea, but only if they are secured into the foundation of the floor.

600 block Cimarron Parkway 30350 – Someone climbed to the third-floor balcony and then forced entry into the victim’s apartment on Oct. 4. A video game system was stolen.

7400 block Twin Branch Road 30328 – Upon answering an alarm on Oct. 4, the patrol officer found a door, leading from the carport to the house, open. The resident later reported a laptop and a gun were taken. It appears the entry was made with a prying tool.

8100 block Colquitt Road 30350 – The victim said someone kicked the front door to her apartment in Oct. 4, stole a computer, television and other items. A neighbor said she heard a knock on her door earlier and saw a man with a red shirt outside. She said that she didn’t recognize him, so she didn’t open the door. She said that she heard banging sounds later and called the police. The identity of the suspect isn’t known at this time.

5300 block Cross Roads Manor 30342 – A resident saw a black minivan parked in the driveway on Oct. 4. The complainant then heard the home alarm go off. At the same time, he saw a man run from the home, jump from the front porch, and get into the driver’s seat of the car. The minivan was backed into the driveway and was occupied by two men. The van sped out of the driveway and onto Mount Vernon Highway. The caller said he had to move to keep from being hit. It appears the burglar forced a set of French doors open, but activated the alarm. They fled without taking anything. The complainant was not able to grab a tag number — which is understandable, since he was trying not to be run over! Alarms are good.

600 block Spring Creek Lane 30350 – Someone removed a screen to a window Oct. 5 and entered the apartment. Nothing was reported missing, however.

800 block Hampton Drive 30350 – A woman reported that she was standing in her living room Oct. 5 when her front door was kicked open. She saw a man in a black jacket and scarf. The man saw the victim and then fled toward the parking lot. The victim retreated to the bathroom, locked herself in and called 911.

5500 block Clair Rose Lane 30328 – The complainant, a new real estate agent hired by the bank to represent them in selling the foreclosed home, came by to check the home on Oct. 5. He found that at some point, the home had been entered. It appears that on Sept. 26, there was a late-night party. Neighbors reported several cars were at the residence. All the kitchen light fixtures and appliances were gone. There was no forced entry. This would indicate someone had a key or found an unlocked window or door. There are suspects in this burglary.

5500 block Peachtree Dunwoody Road 30342 – An office burglary was reported Oct. 6, with a file drawer forced open and $75 missing.

800 block Johnson Ferry Road 30342 – An office burglary was reported Oct. 6, with no forced entry.

700 block Johnson Ferry Road 30342 – Someone accessed an office with a key on Oct. 6 and took a laptop. A second burglary, with the same MO, was reported in this area.

1000 block Brentwood Way (near Roswell and Pitts Road) – A man said someone entered his apartment and ate several mini-burgers from his refrigerator. Nothing else was taken. As odd as this sounds, it’s fairly common. Many years ago we convicted a local burglar because he bit into a chunk of cheese and left some teeth imprints which were later matched to the suspect.


7600 block Roswell Road 30350 – Officers were called Oct. 2 by a man who reported that a woman stole a golf cart and tried to make a getaway. During that getaway, she got the cart stuck between two posts at the exit gate. She then fled on foot — which was probably faster than fleeing on a golf cart.
After a while, cops found the woman. She said she wasn’t stealing the cart but only “joy riding.” Here’s a news flash: “joy-riding” is theft — just in case you need to know that.

Monterrey Parkway – A man reported on Oct. 2 that a guy he’d allowed to stay with him stole his underwear. It’s all fun and games until someone swipes your underwear. Going commando should be a choice, not a necessity. This guy stole his DVD player too, but that is not the focus of this crime. He stole $78 dollars in underwear!

9200 block Roberts Drive 30350 – A man said that he had three females over to his apartment on Oct. 2. Someone took his laptop. He detained the women until police arrived. They all cooperated with the officers and allowed them to look in their cars. Nothing was found and the women left.

200 block Sandy Springs Place 30328 – A man reported Oct. 4 that medication mailed to him was intercepted and stolen before he received it at the post office.

Fountain Oaks Way – A man said his stepmother took his passport and birth certificate without his permission.

5900 block Roswell Road 30328 – A woman reported Oct. 4 that she helped a man jump-start his car. She had left her purse outside the car. Afterward, she could not find the purse.

Huntcliff Village Court – A man said that between March and now, someone took a rifle from his closet.

Thefts from vehicles

7200 block Roswell Road 30328, Oct. 2.
1000 block Greyfield Lane 30350, Oct. 2.
4700 block Paran Oaks Court 30342, Oct. 4.
1100 block Mount Vernon Highway 30328, Oct. 4.
1000 block Crestline Parkway 30342, Oct. 5.
6100 block Peachtree Dunwoody Road 30328, Oct. 5.
6200 block Peachtree Dunwoody Road 30328, Oct. 5.
5600 block Peachtree Dunwoody Road 30328, Oct. 5.
500 block Jefferson Circle 30328, Oct. 5.
7500 block Roswell Road 30350, Oct. 5.
6300 block Roswell Road 30328, Oct. 5.
5700 block Roswell Road 30328, Oct. 6.
6200 block of Peachtree Dunwoody Road 30328, Oct. 6.
5700 block Roswell Road 30328, Oct. 6.
700 block Hammond Drive 30328, Oct. 6.
6300 block Powers Ferry Road 30327, Oct. 6.


A man reported someone accessed his American Express Card number and made a number of charges on it including Internet purchases, airline tickets and a $45,000 deposit at a florist’s shop in New York for flowers for a wedding.

Spring Creek Lane – A woman said that someone accessed her bank account and transferred money around to a savings account and another account.

On Oct. 5, a man reported someone used his personal information to open a Georgia Power account.


125 Northwood Drive 30342 – At about midnight Oct. 2, officers were called to an area known as “the bridge,” adjacent to Northwood Drive, in reference to a person stabbed. They found a man with stab wounds, unconscious and being helped by neighbors. A witness gave officers a description and the direction the attacker ran toward. They tracked and found a 25-year-old man trying to run from the scene. Cops recovered a kitchen knife used to stab the victim, who later died at the hospital. The man was charged with murder and lodged in the Fulton County Jail pending court appearances.

A woman on Santa Fe Parkway reported that on Oct. 2 a male acquaintance became upset at her and punched her in the body and then ran out the door.

A woman on Greyfield Lane reported on Oct. 2 that her husband got angry with her over money that she had. He punched her and then left. She said it has happened before but she hasn’t reported it because of fear he or both of them would be deported.

A 58-year-old woman on Spring Creek Lane reported that her neighbor’s cat got onto her balcony. Her neighbor came over to get the cat, but for no apparent reason, he became angry and choked her. She had a cut to the side of the head and her glasses were broken. Charges are pending.


An officer stopped a car with improper registration. The man had an ID card but not a license. No evidence of insurance could be found. The man was arrested.

A K-9 officer arrested a man who was in the new Overlook Park on Morgan Falls Road. The man was smoking marijuana. He told the officer he was smoking because he was a plumber and stressed over work.

5700 block of Peachtree Dunwoody Road 30328 – Officers responded Oct. 6 to a hotel after employees saw a guest throwing items from her room from the balcony and onto the parking lot. Thrown were three lamps, an iron and a desk drawer. The officers had to restrain the woman, who said her family would get the officers. A vehicle on the receiving end of the iron sustained $500 in damage. She was arrested after being checked at Northside Hospital for her erratic behavior. She was physically OK, but possibly bipolar and was off her medication at the time.

Other things

A woman reported that she is being harassed by an ex-boyfriend, by whom she is pregnant, because she refuses to have an abortion. He told her that she either gets rid of the baby or he’ll get rid of both of them.

A maintenance worker checked a water leak at an apartment on Treelodge Parkway. He found lights and irrigation equipment commonly used to grow marijuana. The apartment company called the police. The officer found plants in several stages of growth. The plants looked like marijuana. The resident was not at home, but was contacted by telephone while the search was being conducted. The man said he grows herbs, but not pot. He was asked about the smoking devices and other equipment associated with smoking. He said someone else must have left them there. Charges are pending.

7800 block Hunters Branch 30328 – Officers were called to this area on Oct. 7 because solicitors were selling frozen meat from a truck. They were checked and had no permit to solicit. They were told to leave.

A woman had her hair braided at a salon on Hilderbrand Drive. Afterward, she said she didn’t like the $130 worth of work that was done, and refused to pay. The ownership offered to undo the braiding or whatever else to satisfy the problem, but the woman refused and left.