To the Editor:

As a 26-year resident and concerned Dunwoody citizen, your Reporter is sincerely appreciated as an excellent addition to our community. Thank you for your entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to the “people first”.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the city of Dunwoody would dare to be unique and require specific performance from its employees, especially when the office will cost close to $200,000/year? Why do we need an economic development director at this time — especially if we don’t have any performance standards and the position would appear to be redundant to current functions within the government and community?

We have a Visitors and Conventions Bureau that promotes Dunwoody as a wonderful location to visit, work and live. We have a city business marketing and promotions team within the current city “contract employees” group. We have a Chamber of Commerce that is actively promoting existing businesses and trying to attract new businesses every day. We already have IT, medical and hotel headquarters, scores of entrepreneurial businesses and the overall business community is quite smart related to potential in Dunwoody and the Perimeter area.

What will the new economic development director do differently?

We became a city in part to escape the DeKalb County inefficiencies/incompetence and lack of focus on our needs. Now we hire a county employee and not give him any performance requirements. Don’t we want to get away from DeKalb County training? Who’s watching the hen house?

I look forward to a Reporter and ideally an “Investigative Reporter” that will be for the citizens of Dunwoody and efficient government.

All the best in your start up. Dunwoody needs you to become a better community,

Adam Drost


To the Editor:

Thanks for developing and introducing the Dunwoody Reporter. I enjoyed the content in the first edition and look forward to many more. It’s great to have another source of localized news.

Andrew Buckley


To the Editor:

Thank you for the Reporter. Your paper adds to my information. I was able to update my list. I believe that reports of the demise of print media are premature.

I am interested in my community and my state. You have some talented writers on your staff.

Molly Rosenfield