The following information was provided to The Reporter by the Zone 2 precinct of the Atlanta Police Department from its records and is presumed to be accurate.


2700 block Defoors Ferry Road – A woman reported Oct. 11 that she was sexually assaulted by “Mr. Smooth,” who was placed under arrest.

Aggravated assault

2000 block Bolton Road – An altercation was reported Oct. 23 in which a person was attacked and sustained injuries and had a difficult time moving. The suspect also tried to injure officers when they intervened.

100 block Peachtree Road – Two persons were reported involved in a domestic dispute Oct. 12. The two got into a fight, and both sustained injuries. One person hit the other with a racquetball racquet several times.

3500 block Peachtree Road – Five people were involved in a shoplifting incident at Belk’s on Oct. 21. The suspects tried to grab large amounts of clothing and flee in a car. The suspects were prevented from leaving by a police vehicle, at which time the suspects intentionally ran into the police vehicle, knowing police were inside, and then did it again to another police vehicle. All five suspects were captured and arrested.

3300 block Peachtree Road – A woman was at the movies Oct. 22 and reported that another patron threw a drink in her face. No one was injured.


1900 block Peachtree Road – Two armed men walked into the CVS on Oct. 21 and demanded that an employee lock the back door. One suspect went to the pharmacy and took six bottles of codeine syrup; both suspects then fled.

1500 block Northside Drive – A man came up to another person Oct. 10 and asked what time it was, then proceeded to snatch the person’s cellphone and money before fleeing.

1700 block Howell Mill Road – On Oct. 19, a man walked into the SunTrust bank and presented a note saying he had a gun and demanded money without a dye pack. He obtained the money and fled on foot.

1800 block Howell Mill Road – While a woman was loading groceries into her car at WalMart on Oct. 12, a man drove close to her car, pointed a gun and asked for her purse.

600 block Garson Drive – A man and his girlfriend returned home from drinking Oct. 16 and were approached by a man in the parking deck. The man asked for money, the victim refused, and the suspect hit the victim in the face, and a struggle ensued. The suspect got away from the victim and ran away.

40 block Irby Avenue – A man reported that on Oct. 14 he was approached by a man with a weapon, who demanded his college class ring. After the man gave up his ring, the suspect fled.

2500 block Piedmont Road – People were standing around on Oct. 15 when several men walked up to them and tried to steal the women’s purses. No items were taken, and no weapons were in evidence.

2400 block Piedmont Road – A man reported Oct. 16 that he was robbed at knife point after cashing a check. The victim said that the person who robbed him had been in line behind him at the check-cashing business.

2500 block Piedmont Road – People walked up to the victim Oct. 17, showed a gun, and demanded his laptop. They fled on foot.

3400 block Lenox Road – A woman reported Oct. 21 that she was walking near Lenox Road and Peachtree Road when two men came from behind, pushed her down and took her wallet. The suspects fled on foot.


2000 block Claude St. – A woman reported Oct. 19 that she came home and found her front door damaged but no items taken from the home.

2000 block Hollywood Road – Men were observed Oct. 19 stealing copper from a residence. One suspect was arrested and charged.

1300 block Marietta Blvd. – An officer responding to an alarm call at a clothing store Oct. 12 found a broken front window and a mannequin and several articles of clothing strewn around. He located a man near the business with cuts on his hands and blood on his hands and clothing. The owner of the business retrieved the surveillance tapes and determined that the man with blood on his hands was not the perpetrator. The man was arrested for providing false information. The location was processed for fingerprints.

Bennett Street – A door to an arts center was jimmied open and an iPod stolen on Oct. 19 or 20.

1100 block Collier Road – The rear door of an apartment was kicked in Oct. 15 or 16, and the apartment left in shambles. Several items were reported stolen, including electronics and a guitar.

1100 block Collier Road – An officer responded to a prowler call on Oct. 17; the homeowner said she had been woken up by a loud noise. When she entered the front room of the house, she noticed her door open and a man running away. She said the man never entered the home, and nothing was taken; the only damage was to the front door.

200 block Colonial Homes Drive – A woman arrived home Oct. 15 to find her rear door open and several items stolen, including a fur coat, camera and computer. The door had been left unlocked.

2300 block Adams Drive – A man arrived home Oct. 15 to find a window broken and several items, including a plasma TV, stolen.

2900 block Piedmont Road – Doors to several businesses were broken and items stolen – including a water jug filled with quarters – on the evening of Oct. 17.

3200 block Roswell Road – The window in the front door of a restaurant was broken with a rock Oct. 11, and thieves made off with a flat-screen TV. They damaged another TV.

1100 block Pine Ridge Road – A man arrived home Oct. 22 to find the basement door forced open and items stolen including a flat-screen TV and lawn equipment.

2500 block Lenox Road – A woman reported Oct. 20 that she arrived home to find she could not get in because the inside door chain was in place. She entered the home through the back entrance and found several pieces of jewelry missing.

Larceny from auto

3800 block Roswell Road – A man returned to his car in a parking lot Oct. 19 and found damage to the driver’s side door and items missing.

900 block Canterbury Road – Wheels were reported removed Oct. 20 or 21 from a car parked in a lot overnight.

70 block W. Paces Ferry Road – Three people reported their cars broken into Oct. 20 while they were parked on the lower level of the deck of Whole Foods. The cars’ windows were broken and several items stolen.

Pharr Road – A man who had his car valet-parked at The Cheesecake Factory reported Oct. 22 that while the car was valet-parked at the nearby Wachovia bank, it was broken into (window broken) and a black bag stolen.

1110 block Norwich Circle – A man reported that he parked overnight Oct. 11/12 and returned to find money and his laptop missing from his Honda, which had been unlocked. The car was in his driveway.

3300 block Piedmont Road – Someone damaged the door lock on a 2004 Cadillac on Oct. 17, entered the car and stole items, including a handgun.

1400 block West Paces Ferry – A woman returned to her car in a parking lot Oct. 23 and found the driver’s side window broken and her purse missing from the back seat.

Auto theft

4400 block Roswell Road – A U-Haul truck was stolen from the parking lot of the U-Haul store on Oct. 18. The reporting party advised that the keys to the truck were taken from a lockbox on the property where keys are dropped off after hours.

200 block Pharr Road – A 2004 Suzuki was stolen Oct. 18.

Pharr Road – A man reported that after parking his vehicle Oct. 22, he left the keys in the ignition while working on another car. He finished working on the other car and forgot to take the keys out of his car. When he returned the next day, the vehicle was gone.

40 block Peachtree Avenue – A man reported Oct. 14 that his car had been stolen. His debit card had been inside the car and was later used at various locations in Atlanta and Villa Rica.

2600 block Peachtree Road – A 1988 Chevy was reported stolen Oct. 11.

3300 block Peachtree Road – A man parked his car in the Westin Hotel lot Oct. 20/21 and returned to find it stolen.

4200 block Arbor Gates Drive – A man parked his car overnight (Oct. 19/20) in the lot of an apartment complex and returned to find it stolen.

1400 block West Paces Ferry Road – A man reported that the rims and tires were stolen from his Dodge Challenger overnight on Oct. 18 or 19 while it was parked in an apartment complex lot and that the car was left on bricks.

Other larceny

3500 block Peachtree Road – Incidents of shoplifting were reported at Belk’s on Oct. 18 and 22.

3500 Peachtree Road – A woman reported Oct. 23 that she was outside Phipps Plaza waiting for a taxi. When the taxi drove up, she placed her bags on the sidewalk on the passenger side of the cab and walked around to the driver’s side to speak to the driver. When she returned to get her bags, they were gone.

3300 block Peachtree Road – A cab driver reported Oct. 10 that he picked up a man and woman and took them to the W Hotel. He stated that the woman exited the cab and the man paid the fare. The driver then noticed that his wallet, which had been on the seat next to him, was gone. He later found his wallet on the floor near the back seat, with $200 missing from the wallet. Hotel security cameras may have caught the man and woman on tape as they entered the hotel. The man told the cabbie that he did not take his cash.

3300 block Peachtree Road – An incident of shoplifting was reported at the Gap on Oct. 10.

3300 block Peachtree Road – A shoplifter was arrested at Bloomingdale’s on Oct. 11.

3300 block Peachtree Road – Videotape surveillance caught thieves taking an LCD projector from the W Hotel on Oct. 11.

3300 block Peachtree Road – Macy’s loss-prevention officer reported that four men entered the store Oct. 18, snatched over 40 pairs of jeans and drove away in a black Lexus. An employee was able to get a tag number, and there were two witnesses.

1100 block Valley Overlook Drive – A woman reported that when she returned home, some of her things were missing, taken sometime between Oct. 11 and Oct. 23. She stated that her live-in boyfriend may have taken the items.

80 block West Paces Ferry Road – Sometime on Oct. 9 or 10, a diamond ring was stolen from a jewelry store. The ring is set in platinum and has circa-1930s diamonds.

East Andrews Drive – A woman who was at a bar Oct. 8 laid her purse down, and when she returned, it was gone. None of her cards have been used.

Irby Avenue – A woman at a drinking establishment put her purse behind the bar Oct. 2, and it was stolen.

300 block Paces Ferry Road – A woman reported that she left electronics in the glove compartment of her vehicle Oct. 19/20. When she returned to her car, she found the car window broken and the electronics missing.

2600 block Brookwood Drive – A woman reported that several pieces of jewelry went missing from her home sometime between Sept. 16 and Oct. 21, when the house was under repair. There was no sign of forced entry into the residence.

600 block Darlington Commons Court – A woman advised police that several pieces of jewelry were taken from her home sometime between Oct. 1 and 10, when she had contractors in the residence.

Terrace Drive – A man reported Oct. 20 that he found vinyl records and some valuable books missing from his apartment but no sign of forced entry.

2900 block Devonshire Place – A woman stated that a contractor working at her home stole some jewelry sometime between Oct. 2 and 8. The man was arrested in North Carolina on separate charges and the jewelry returned.

2100 block Peachtree Road – On Oct. 17, a woman was at a restaurant and when she turned around, her purse was missing.

3000 block Peachtree Road – On Oct. 18, a man ate at The Cheesecake Factory, then tried to leave without paying. He was arrested and charged.

2100 block Defoors Ferry Road – Several air-conditioning units were reported stolen from an apartment complex sometime between Oct. 15 and Oct. 18.

1700 block Howell Mill Road – A woman reported Oct. 17 that she lost her wallet at a Shell service station. She stated that after she contacted her credit card companies to report the theft, she was advised that the cards had been used at Shell, Walmart, McDonald’s and several other locations on Roswell Road and Holcomb Bridge Road.

1700 block Howell Mill Road – A man reported that he returned to his car, which was parked in a lot, to find that sometime overnight on Oct. 21 or 22, his license plate had been stolen.

1600 block Carroll Drive – A man reported Oct. 13 that he gave a ride to several people, and after he dropped them off, he found his laptop missing from his car.

100 block 26th Street – A woman reported Oct. 13 that she paid $400 for a bedroom suite on Craig’s List she never received.

400 block Armour Drive – A woman letting a friend stay at her home stated Oct. 13 that she returned home from work to find she could not get into her apartment. After getting a locksmith to let her in, she discovered the guest no longer there and $5,500 missing from the premises.

1600 block Northside Drive – A woman reported Oct. 11 that she gave two women a ride to the gas station and afterward realized that her purse had been in the back of the car with them. The suspects used her card at the gas station. The victim approached the suspects, and one fled. The other suspect was taken into custody and charged.

2000 block Peachtree Road – A woman was taking groceries into her apartment Oct. 18 and left her laptop bag, containing her Dell computer, in the hallway for a moment; when she returned, it was gone. The victim suspected her next-door neighbor, who consented to a search of her apartment. The laptop was not in the neighbor’s apartment.